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Chitanda Eru is the female lead character of the series Hyouka. She is the only daughter of the wealthy farmer family known as Chitanda Family. In general, Chitanda is a very happy and calm person but she gets excited when something interesting is about to happen. She is very intelligent and topped her class every time, in spite of that she has trouble working out her own curiosity. In this post, I am going to share some Chitanda Eru quotes which are my favorite.

Chitanda entered in the classic club in her high school with the curiosity of recollecting last memories with her uncle. That’s where she met Oreki Houtarou, who helped Chitanda to resolve her curiosity about anything that makes her curious. The interesting fact is, Houtarou doesn’t want to involve in all these things still helps her to remove her curiosity. All she has to say is “Watashi kininarimasu!” which means “I am curious” and there he goes solving her curiosity.

Although the series Hyouka is a psychological series rather than romance anime still it shows the chemistry of the two people Oreki Houtarou and Chitanda Eru. The series Hyouka is all about how Chitanda steps out Houtarou out of his comfort zone and let him solve the mystery of their surroundings.

5 Best Chitanda Eru Quotes

1. Hard to Understand

Chitanda Eru Quotes 1

I find myself hard to understand sometimes.


Chitanda Eru is a very childish person who is innocent and doesn’t have the knowledge of the harsh world. Whenever someone says her that they can’t help her because of there own reason, though they were lying she believes them and tells them that she will come later. But when it comes to classic club members and she is curious about something she won’t take any bait until it gets resolved. Isn’t she hard to understand?

Well, now you can say that its quite obvious that women are hard to understand, but trust me it’s just maybe the situation that makes them hard to understand. In the case of Chitanda maybe its that she was being open to the person she often meets rather than the person she met just one day. In the series its the one moment she will say I am not angry and in a moment she will get angry, after that she will bluff and say she was joking.

Eventually, at a point, Chitanda forgets everything else and become very focused on a particular subject which made her excited and suspicious. That’s where the classic club members help her to solve the mystery of that subject and pulled her out of her curiosity.

2. Try our Best to help

chitanda 2

“We don’t know if trying our best will help, but we do know, that if we don’t try our best, it won’t help for sure!”


I agree with Chitanda with this quote, if someone wants to help others one should at least make some effort before giving up. Without making any effort one should not say that there is nothing that can be done if you don’t try your best you’ll never get there.

Chitanda is a very kind and helpful person she wants to help everyone she can by her effort. In the series, Chitanda drives Houtarou from his comfort zone to solve the mystery regarding her last memory with her uncle. All she wanted to say a happy goodbye to her uncle but she can only remember that she was crying not the reason. So she asked Houtarou if he can help her to solve the mystery because she doesn’t remember her uncle who is assumed to be dead, with a sad memory.

So as Chitanda suggests we should help others even though there is no hope because without helping out we can never know if there is hope or not. Guess what hope is a very big thing in life, one can stay alive with it even though the situation not seems alike.

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3.Lack of Pride, Free of Greed, don’t Envy

Chitanda Eru Quotes 3

“If someone didn’t have any pride, wouldn’t they also be lacking in self-confidence? If someone was free of greed, wouldn’t they have trouble supporting their family? And if people didn’t envy one another, wouldn’t they stop inventing new things?”


Even though pride, greed, envying someone seems to be negative words in some aspect as it always occurs a person loses the relation and its people. But according to Chitanda if one doesn’t have any pride then it results in a lack of self-confidence. If one person doesn’t have any greed, then one would not be able to support their family not be able to feed them. People will stop inventing new things, discover new places if they stop envying each other.

It is obvious, anything that you have and wants it more than it is needed then it is harmful to oneself. This Chitanda Eru quote says that there should not be the negligence of the word envy, pride, and greed in a person it should be present in person but in low form.

4. Never get Angry

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“If you can never get angry at anything, that probably means you have nothing that you like, either.”


Did you ever get angry about anything? Ever get angry with your sibling when they broke your favorite stuff? Someone takes your favorite thing without your permission and there is your anger. Ever get angry with someone because they went someplace without even telling you? Yes, it did happen with you, isn’t it? Well, if it didn’t happen with you then as Chitanda Eru quote says that probably means you have nothing that you like.

Eventually, if you like something then you don’t want it to get away from you and don’t want anyone to do anything with it. And when people touch the thing you like without your permission definitely you are not going to watch it patiently because it is something dear to you. Likewise when your people went somewhere without your knowledge and you wanted to go there with them because they are special to you. Isn’t it obvious you are going to get angry?

However, when Chitanda says this quote classic club members were actually having an argument regarding Houtarou and Chitanda gets angry or not. Seems like Houtarou feels like getting angry takes a lot of effort and it will affect energy-conserving of Hotarou. In the end, it turns out that Houtarou and Chitanda both get angry when it is reasonable.

5. You are Special

Chitanda Eru Quotes 5

“You don’t have to worry about being special or normal compared to everyone else! It doesn’t matter who it is. So as long as they think you’re special, then you’re special.”


As you know Houtarou doesn’t really care about his popularity, about his being special. Those who don’t know the character of Oreki Houtarou go check out my Oreki Houtarou Quotes. Chitanda feels like as long as a person close to him feels like he is special then he is special. One shouldn’t compare itself of being normal and special with anyone else.

Although it’s not shown in the series that Chitanda Eru and Oreki Houtarou got into a relationship. But at the end of the series, it shows that Houtarou thinks of confessing his feelings but doesn’t make himself do so. He thinks that if he confesses his feeling then his grey life will become like pink blossoms because of Chitanda’s presence.

Likewise, Chitanda also has feelings towards Houtarou as she thinks he is someone special to her. In our life, we also have someone whom we didn’t compare to anyone because we think they are special in our eyes. Tell me in the comment section if you can relate to this Chitanda Eru quote.

Wrapping up Chitanda Eru Quotes

These are my favorite Chitanda Eru quotes from the series Hyouka. So what do you think about this post of mine? Tell me if you can relate to any of these quotes in your daily life. And if you think I missed something from the quotes tell me in contact me. Please do like and share.

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