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Kuronuma Sawako is the female leading character of the series Kimi Ni Todoke. She is a high school girl who falls in love with her classmate Kazehaya Shota during the series. In this post, I am going to share 6 best Kuronuma Sawako Quotes from the series

Sawako is a hard-working girl in every field. She is a kind, pure and caring person to everyone in the school. But due to her resemblance to the horror film character Sadako Yamamura, it made difficult for everyone to reciprocate the same. All she ever wanted is friendship, but her modesty and inadequate communication skills prevent her from achieving it.

6 Best Kuronuma Sawako Quotes

The series Kimi Ni Todoke is all about the adventure of Kuronuma Sawako’s love story and friendship through the difficulty. Now let’s move on to my favorite quotes by her.

1. Changed my life

Quotes 1

“It was like you brought color to my life. You changed my life, all by yourself.” 


Due to the resemblance no one in the school desire to be near her. everybody is so scared of her, even when she passes by they got goosebumps. But in spite of that Kazehzaya Shota, a boy from her school liked her so much. He was the most popular boy in the school because of his looks and character.

Kazehaya is so friendly with everybody, nobody is there in the school who doesn’t like him, unlike Sawako. Kazehaya influences her to make friends, try to be more social and experience new things in life. After conversing with Kazehaya she tried and time to time she came close to everyone. The world of loneliness which is so colorless without friendship is now filled with colors. All thanks to the kindness and help of Kazehaya Shouta.

2. Cry from Happiness

Kuronuma Quotes 2

“I discovered that one can also cry from happiness.”


After Kazehaya suggested and told her to be open to everyone when she talks, she tried it and slowly everybody is trying to understand her. It was not an easy task to do initially, but they all came to know her at last. you know what they say good things take time.

She was so happy because of that, she can enjoy her Christmas, new year eve, sports festival, Hanabi with her friends. She can have pictures with them and they can create a beautiful memory later. All theses thinking made her cry because she was so happy.

3. Tough to Separate

Sawako 3

“The longer you’re with someone, the tougher it is to part ways.” 


This quotes not only applies to Sawako it also applies to all our life. If you have experienced being with someone for a very long time and when its time to get apart go on different ways it gets very difficult for each other. As Sawako came close with her friends including Kazehaya she doesn’t want to grow apart from them.

She wants to be with her friends and Kazehaya for as long as they can, but it’s not possible because everybody has different goals in life. At that time they will get separate for better future. Before Sawako doesn’t have friends and now when she has she doesn’t want to get distant, and hence she is finding it so tough to part away.

4. Your Feelings

Kuronuma Sawako Quotes 4

“There is no knowing how others are feeling unless you ask them. And your feelings can’t get through to others unless you tell them directly.” 


Kuronuma realises this quote when Kazehaya suggested her to be open to someone when she talks to them. Nobody will get to know you unless you tell them everything, without leaving a single detail. So if you want to get close to someone, tell them what’s in your mind.

That way, they will not have any second thought about what you said. Also, you won’t have any regrets that you didn’t make any efforts towards them. You know, the effort is a very big thing nowadays, one’s effort shows how much they actually wanted to be around you.

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5. Time Spent Together

Sawako Quotes 5

“I can’t forget the times we spent alone together. They leave me wanting more.” 


Everything gets better when you spend time with someone special. Time is a crucial thing, which we don’t want to move so quickly while spending it with someone special. As time passes the moment you had just now become a beautiful memory. In this quote, Sawako is referring to the time she spends with Kazehaya.

They really are so cute together, in the series whenever they spend time with each other I also don’t want time to pass so quickly. It’s the most beautiful time when we are with our special someone. And it’s way more beautiful when your special someone feels the same way towards you.

6. He Believed Me

Kuronuma Sawako Quotes 6

“When I told him my feelings, he understood. When I said I wasn’t lying, he believed me.” 


Kazehaya Kun was the only character in the anime who doesn’t take Sawako in wong way in any situation. He always finds a way to understands her to believe her to be there for her. But sometimes he also needs assurance about his feelings so that he won’t hurt Sawako. He thought maybe Sawako is better without him, and he started keeping distance with her.

Now its Sawako turns to make their bond more strong so that nothing can beat their relation. When she speaks herself out he understood like always and believed her. After that things got better between them. It’s like keeping a relationship is about keeping balance from both sides. Otherwise, it will get overloaded on the one side and underload on the other and things got worst. But if you can keep the balance, everything works out smoothly and fine.

Wrapping up Kuronuma Sawako Quotes

So guys this is my 6 best Kuronuma Sawako quotes from the series Kimi Ni Todoke. Tell me in the comment section which one is your favorite. And if i miss something tell me that also. Please do like and share.

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