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Kurosawa Yamato is the male lead character of the series Sukitte ii Na Yo. He is a very popular boy in his school. He is popular not only because of his looks but also because of his kindness towards everybody in need. Yamato is someone who thinks of others more than anyone else. He cares for others despite having his own problems to deal with. In this post, I will share with you the best three of Kurosawa Yamato quotes from Sukitte ii Na Yo.

Yamato met his love Tachibana Mei in middle school while one of his friends is messing with her. Due to some circumstances, he got kicked by Mei in the place of his friend. Later that misunderstanding brings them close to each other and tied them in a knot of relationship.

Just because Yamato is popular doesn’t mean he won’t have a past, he had a past which he regrets to have because of his cowardliness. Tachibana Mei helps him to overcome his past and pulled him out of misery.

3 best quotes by Kurosawa Yamato

1. Protect yourself

Kurosawa Yamato Quotes 1

“In the end, no one’s going to protect you but yourself.” 


Yamato helps out Tachibana Mei in many ways whenever she got in trouble, but he doesn’t want her to be dependent on anybody including him. So he advised Mei that in the end, you are the only one who can protect yourself. Nobody knows you better than yourself, so one should always look for itself.

There was a time when Yamato got Mei into trouble because he is always being too nice to everyone around him. He doesn’t do it intentionally, though it somehow hurt Mei because of some misunderstanding and uncleared things. Eventually, everything got to sort out between them at the end because they both love and care for each other a lot to get separated from each other.

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2. People you love

Kurosawa 3

“When it comes to people you really love, you don’t care about yourself.”


Does it ever happen to you that your problem doesn’t count if your loved one is in a problem? If yes then you can relate to Yamato, he is so caring person that he doesn’t look for his own problem in front of his loved ones. That why in this quote he says when it comes to the one you really do love, you just don’t care about what is happening with yourself.

Yamato helps and cared for his closed one especially Mei after he came into a relationship with her. Whenever Mei got in trouble he didn’t where he was or in what situation he always come to helps her. He loves her so much that he rejected some offer that came from the model agency because at some point Mei was hurt because of some rumors regarding his modeling.

3. You are amazing

Kurosawa Yamato Quotes 4

“Because you are amazing, just the way you are.”


Even though Yamato is surrounded by girls during school because of his good looks, Yamato stays extremely loyal towards Mei and only has interests towards her. Despite being popular he never came into a relationship with any girls till he met Mei. You know what they say when it’s right you will get to know eventually.

Tachibana Mei doesn’t have anything special nor she was the most beautiful or intelligent girl in her class. She is just the normal high school of her class who doesn’t want to interact with other classmates because of her past experience. Although Yamato finds something special in her while getting kicked by her. Funny!! isn’t is?

From that incident on Yamato wants to know about Mei more, so whenever he came across her he wants to talks to her. Mei ignores him like he is not there because of the sudden involvement of someone in her life. Somehow Yamato manages to be close to her and he told her that she is amazing the way she is now. He loves her the way she was he doesn’t need anything special to love her.

Wrapping up Kurosawa Yamato Quotes

There are many more quotes that were said by Yamato during the series but these are my favorites three. Tell me in the comment section which is your favorite quotes by Kurosawa Yamato. No matter what at some point we always come to relate ourselves with the romantic series we watch. So if you can relate to any of these quotes comment it down. If you have any suggestion write it down to Contact me. Also if you liked this please don’t forget to comment and share.

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