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Oreki Houtarou is the male lead character of the series Hyouka. Houtarou is lazy but smart and he does his own works in time. He is an introvert and has a different perception of people who surround him. He was being forced to join the classic club in his high school by his elder sister because it was on the verge of being disbanded due to not having any member. In this post, I am going to share some of my favorite Oreki Houtarou quotes from the series Hyouka.

Houtarou’s idea of living is being to himself and not concerned with anything that doesn’t affect his energy. This theory of Houtarou is being violated by the girl Chitanda Eru whom he met when he visits the classic club room. By seeing Chitanda in the club room he thought of not joining the club but Chitanda’s curiosity about her surroundings and his specialty of solving mysteries don’t allow him to do the same.

Houtarou doesn’t express his emotions much, because he thinks of it as energy-wasting things, he rarely gets angry but often gets irritated because of Chitanda’s curious attitude. However, he never says no to her curiosity even though it takes his energy to get waste. Throughout the series, they seem to have some Chemistry together which Houtarou came to realis after he had a conversation with his friend.

8 Best Oreki Houtarou Quotes

1. Wont do it

Oreki Houtarou Quotes 1

“If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it “


Oreki Houtarou is a type of person who wants to live his life on his own conditions. He lives with his own policy which is never to waste more energy than he needs to. He always wanted to live his grey life and he seems to enjoy it in his own way. the word “Grey life” means not to talk much, not to socialize much, not to use one’s energy, not too concerned about things that happen around. Altogether be in your own world where you don’t have to waste your time and energy.

Houtarou this quote means that if he wants to do something then he will make it as quick as possible. If he doesn’t want to do anything he won’t do it to save his energy. But this theory of Houtarou doesn’t apply to Chitanda Eru, she makes Houtarou resolve her curiosity whenever she is being curious. Not to mention Houtarou is a very intelligent and smart guy who has an amazing perspective of solving mysteries.

2. Entertain everyone

oreki quotes 2

“I don’t care if no one likes me. I wasn’t created in this world to entertain everyone.”


Nobody is created in the world to satisfy and please others. So it really doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like you. I agree with this Oreki Houtarou quote, if you are happy with yourself then you don’t need any other opinions about you. In the series, Hyouka Houtarou doesn’t seem to care about anybody’s opinions about his life. He is happy with his own grey life, where he can enjoy saving his energy by doing nothing until necessary.

Houtarou doesn’t believe in pleasing others because of their needs and wasting his own energy. However, he does care about his sister and friends, whenever they need him he is there to help unless its not much to work on. Though he was being forced by her sister to join the classic club later he finds it quite interesting.

3. Am not Lazy

houtarou 3

“I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving energy.”


Houtarou always seems to be in energy-conserving mode unless very necessary he won’t use his energy in anything. You will see in my other quote review I only wrote about his being not wasting his energy. Despite being lazy, he states that he is not lazy he is just conserving energy. Well, it’s just the other way of being not to be called a lazy person on the contrary to conserving energy.

Houtarou’s friends from middle school seem to know him more and they know he is an apathetic person who won’t do anything that doesn’t concern him. But he sometimes feels like he is not being able to conserve his energy after joining the classic club as he had to deal with Chitanda Eru and her curiosity.

4. Too lazy to show

Oreki Houtarou Quotes 4

“I’m not stupid. I’m just too lazy to show how smart I am.”


Despite being able to solve any mystery that comes in classic club surroundings, he is a way more lazy person. Houtarou’s one and only middle school friend Fukube Satoshi suggests that he show his talent to others or else use it to something series. Satoshi says that he is stupid he is not using his capabilities where it should be used. Answering Satoshi, Houtarou says that he is too lazy to show that he is smart, he is not stupid.

We do not need to show anybody that we are smart, we just have to do show our ability when it is most needed. Till then we have to be own our own, minding our own business, and telling people to mind their own.

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5. More Inexperienced

houtarou 5

“The more inexperienced you are, the more you want to show off.”


There are people in the world who are nothing but the show-off and all they do is showing people that they can do this they can do that. But guess what if you are experienced enough you don’t need to show off your capability to anyone. You will be known to everyone with the hard work that you have put in your work. That what Oreki Houtarou quote says if you are experienced enough you don’t want to show off if your inexperienced you want to show off more.

Houtarou is not an experienced person in his field of solving any mystery but he doesn’t show off his capability. Well, he is lazy enough to not want to waste his energy on showing off still, he doesn’t believe in showing his capability to anyone. He believes that he is smart enough not to show the world because that will concern his energy-conserving mode.

6. Another Mystery

Oreki Houtarou Quotes 6

“The best way to tame a mystery is with another mystery.”


Due to Chitanda Eru’s curiosity about her surroundings, Houtarou not able to continue on his energy-conserving idea. So when he heard from his friend Satoshi while doing his assignment in his class that he had a mysterious story about the old room of the school which way farther away from the classroom. Houtarou thought of plotting another mystery for Chitanda so that when she came to look for Houatrou and ask about the old room mystery, she will get distracted with a new mystery.

Eventually, he ended up wasting more energy rather than solving the old room mystery that Chitanda is about to ask. It takes more effort to plot that mystery but still he wants to tame the old room mystery because it was farther from the classroom. So he tamed the old room mystery using his plotting mystery.

7. Waste of energy

Oreki Houtarou Quotes 7

“Don’t care anything and do not do anything that’s a waste of energy.”


Does it ever occur that you don’t want to do anything that causes a waste of your energy? Do you ever feel like you just want to laze around your house and do nothing? Well, I feel like that always but without doing anything I will not be able to earn. If you feel like that then the personality of Houtarou is present in you. Houtarou don’t care to do anything that doesn’t bother him, until and unless it’s very necessary.

Houtarou believes that doing anything which needs not be done is a waste of energy. All he cares about his energy conservation, his grey life of being to himself. Though Houtarou is lazy, he is a kind person who helps, everyone else but does very little for himself.

8. Not against Socializing

Oreki Houtarou Quotes 8

“I’m not against socializing, so long as it’s not tiring.”


Houtarou does have friends, I mean he has Classic club members who look for Houtarou whenever they found something mysterious. Initially, he thought that he will be the only member in the classic club but later on his friends join it including Chitanda. So he doesn’t get any alone time in the club, he is surrounded by Chitanda and his friends during club activity time. Houtarou is not against socializing he just feel it tiring to contact with other people. As long as it is not tiring he is not against socializing with people.

Sometimes people with good communication skills also find it’s hard to socialize with people surrounds them. Classic club members accepted the fact that he is lazy and won’t do anything, but when Houtarou really wants to do something rarely they thought that maybe he is sick. They thought that he is being enchanted by Chitanda’s spirit with her curiosity that he wants to do something out of his comfort zone. So Houtarou does socialize with people whom he wants to be with.

Wrapping up Oreki Houtarou Quotes

What do you feel about being lazy and conserve your energy? Dou you agree with Houtarou on his any quotes? Do you feel like “grey life” is worth to be in it? Tell me in the comment section which one is your favorite from the above quotes. Also, what do you think about this post of mine? Do you agree with me on any quotes from Houtarou? If you have any more suggestion do write to me in Contact me. Also if you like the post do comment and share.

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