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Tachibana Mei is the female lead character of the series Sukitte ii Na Yo. Mei is a very quiet and socially distant person in high school. So nobody in her school tried to talk to her as she had the reputation of a gloomy girl. However, as time goes on, Mei’s personality began to change with the help of Yamato. In this post, I will share with you the best six of Tachibana Mei Quotes from Sukitte ii Na Yo.

Kurosawa Yamato is Tachibana Mei’s first love whom she met in her high school. At first, she was trying to ignore Yamato because she doesn’t want to get involved with him as he is the popular guy in the school. Eventually, she has to respond to him because she got into some trouble after that Yamato gain Mei’s trust and they became close.

Mei had the issue of being betrayed by friends in the past because of which she doesn’t have friends in high school. This problem is being solved by Yamato as she started to trust people after Yamato helps her out. The series Sukkite ii Na Yo is the story of Kurosawa Yamato and Tachibana Mei helping each other with their past and overcome with each other’s fear.

6 Best Tachibana Mei Quotes

1. Abandon just you

mei 1

“It’s like a dollhouse. You hang out together and pretend to be friends, but when it doesn’t suit them they abandon just you.” 


When we were children we played the dollhouse, we wanted it to be a perfect house although it is just playing a toy. If something is mismatching we just threw them out of the dollhouse, like it doesn’t belong here we should not put it here. Likewise, nowadays people also want everything to be perfect even they want people to be perfect in everything.

Tachibana Mei went through this situation of being abandoned by her own friends when they though she doesn’t fit in with them. After that, she never thought of making new friends because she thinks that she will get betrayed again. Strange isn’t it friends with whom you thought of staying lifetime betrays you at the most unexpected situations.

Well at some point I agree with her because some people do betray you when they don’t need you. But guess what there exists some people also who never leave you no matter what happens. It just depends upon the initial intention of the people when they tried to get to know you.

2. Use you

mei 2

“They’ll use you as much as they want; then once they’re done with you, they’ll all disappear.” 


Tachibana Mei got a “gloomy girl’s” reputation in her high school as she doesn’t try to socialize with people. It’s not like she is doing that out of the habit of something, she had a very bad past about betrayal from friends. After that, she thinks its best not to have any friends than to get betrayed at last. Well fair enough, if you had the past of being betrayed then you will also be unsociable with the people surrounding you.

Once you fulfilled the other person’s motive of being in their life they don’t need you anymore. This is the cruelty of life, nobody cares about your feeling nowadays unless you are someone important to them. But if you are lucky enough like Tachibana Mei to get a partner like Yamato then you will overcome with your pain. Yamato plays a very important role in her life, if he didn’t come in Mei’s life then she would have been miserable for lifelong.

3. Learn about other’s wounds

Tachibana Mei Quotes 3

“When you trust someone and get to know them, you eventually learn about their wounds too.” 


Tachibana Mei doesn’t have friends in her high school, but when she met Yamato and gets close to him she gets to know him. Also through Yamato, she gets to meet new people which she can call friends and be dependent upon. While getting to know them and being close to them she not only knows about their happiness also about their pain about their past wounds.

Mei came to realize that other people also had the wounds that they got from their past. It is just a matter of trust because not all people tell you about their wounds and you don’t tell everyone about yours. Real friends do know about your pain not only about your happiness.

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4. All have Scars

Tachibana Mei Quotes 4

“We all have our scars from loving someone too deeply, from wanting to protect someone too much.” 


What does it feels like when you love and care for someone too much that you got scars? It hurts doesn’t it, but guess what you cant do anything about it because they are too far away from you. Can you relate this Tachibana Mei Quotes? Well if only you loved someone too deeply and cared for someone to protect them.

Tachibana Mei loved Kurosawa Yamato so much that she doesn’t want to lose him at any cost. Due to some misunderstanding, they had to go through some of the very rough phases in their relationship. You know when the clash created between the two-person because of each other mistakes then it’s acceptable. But when misunderstanding created purposely by the third person then it is not acceptable at any cost.

Like all couples, Mei and Yamato also had some wrong people in their life who likes to create an unnecessary problem in their love life. But with Yamato’s commitment and loyalty towards Mei and Mei’s immense love for Yamato they overcome these unnecessary problems.

5. Share your pain

Tachibana Mei Quotes 5

“Someday, maybe you’ll find someone like you to share your pain with. I can’t tell you when that will happen…. But the important thing is to not reject them.” 


When a person is in pain but doesn’t have anyone who can understand her/him then it’s more painful to bears that pain. But when you find that one person who can understand you then you can share your pain with them and you feel complete with them. Mei goes through a lot of pain until she finds Yamato to pulled her out from that pain.

Initially, when Yamato tries to get to know Mei, she avoids him as she thought that he was just joking around. Later she gets to know that he was not joking around he was being serious about being friends with her, although he just liked her at first sight. Then Mei realizes that she should not reject him, because he is unique and not like those friends she had in the past.

6. Meet someone and Change

Tachibana Mei Quotes 6

“I tried to carry on while rejecting any relationships with others, but once you reject people, you’re stuck. You lose the opportunity to meet someone and change.” 


Even though you had the rough past about being betrayed by other people you shouldn’t close the doors for another person to enter your life. You never know when you are closing the door fo the right one to enter into your life. I know its hard to trust anyone who wants to enter into your life, but at least you can try. Because if you didn’t try then you will stay like this forever in pain, and there will not be any change in your state.

Tachibana Mei’s quotes teach us that you should allow new people to enter your life. You should get to know about them, about their pain and happiness-like Mei gets to know Yamato and his friends. If you will keep on rejecting them, then you will get stuck in your miserable state for lifelong and will not get the opportunity to change.

Wrapping up Tachibana Mei Quotes

At some point in life, everyone gets betrayed by someone due to some reason. But life doesn’t stop there, it goes on and another person came to fillup that gap. So what do you think about this post of mine? These are my six favorite quotes of Tachibana Mei from Sukitte ii Na Yo. Can you relate to any of the above quotes? If yes, tell me in the comment section which one is your favorite and can relate to. If you liked this post then do share it via Facebook, Twitter, or any social media you use. Also if you have any suggestions regarding any post write down to me in Contact me.

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